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Pennsylvania Summit on School Policing

We convene day-long gatherings of Pennsylvania school district senior staff, school board members, and youth justice experts. At these summits, education leaders explore how to make informed decisions about school safety.

In the tabs, below, you can view the presentations and download the slides and other resources from the 2024 and 2022 Summits.

February 26-27, 2024

Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline

Scarlet Neath

Policy Director, Center for Policing Equity

Download the slides for "Alternatives to Exclusionary Discipline" [PDF]

Redesigning Public Safety: K-12 SchoolsBrief, May 2023

School Policing: What the Research Shows

Aaron Kupchik

Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice

University of Delaware

Download the slides for "School Policing" [PDF]

Students with Disabilities and Law Enforcement

West Resendes

Staff Attorney & Policy Counsel

ACLU Disability Rights Program and National Political Advocacy Department

Download the slides for "Students with Disability and Law Enforcement" [PDF]

Keynote Presentation
“Disorderly and Defiant”: Rethinking Student Behavior & Responses

Amir Whitaker

Senior Policy Counsel
ACLU Southern California

Download the slides for "Disorderly and Defiant" [PDF]

Long-term Impact of Summary Citations

Allison Ware

Assistant Public Defender

Allegheny County Office of the Public Defender

Ghadah Makoshi

Advocacy & Policy Strategist

ACLU Pennsylvania

Download the slides for "Long-term Impact of Summary Citations" [PDF]

Student Surveillance

Ana Mendoza

Director of Education Equity

ACLU Southern California

Chad Marlow

Senior Policy Counsel


Download the slides for "Policing Students Online" [PDF]

Download the slides for "Digital Dystopia" [PDF]

Report: Digital Dystopia: The Danger in Buying What the EdTech Surveillance Industry is Selling, October 2023

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