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Comprehensive guides to reforming school discipline policies for educators and community members




  • Let Her Learn - A Toolkit to Stop Push Out for Girls of Color, National Women's Law Center, December 6, 2016. This toolkit demonstrates how to review a school’s discipline policy to ensure it is fair for young girls of color and address practices that “may be informed by illegal gender and racial bias.” It provides 2013-14 statistics, information about relevant Civil Rights laws that protect students, a checklist to review a school’s discipline policies, and school policy suggestions to ensure a fairer, safer school.


For Educators​

  • Fix School Discipline: Toolkit for Educators, Public Counsel, updated February 2017. This toolkit is a step-by-step guide that includes ready-to-use documents, sample discipline policies, information about alternative approaches, information about funding sources, and advice from fellow educators.

  • Analyzing Student-Level Disciplinary Data: A Guide for Districts, Institute of Education Sciences, U.S. Department of Education, March 2017. The report provides information on how to conduct such an examination and explores differences in student academic outcomes across the types of disciplinary actions that students receive.


For Community Members

  • Parent's Checklist for SROs in Your Children's Schools, Strategies for YouthIn an effort to support parents' understanding, SFY has created this "checklist" to provide parents with a set of questions that will help parents understand the scope of authority of law enforcement is used in their children's schools. The checklist focuses on issues key to children's experience of law enforcement and helps parents anticipate issues that may arise during their child's schooling.



  • How to Make Sure Your School Complies with Student Discipline Laws [Massachusetts Example]​ 
    Students, families, educators and community stakeholders can use the information provided in this booklet to advocate for fair disciplinary practices in their school and district. The internet links provided can be used to access a specific school’s disciplinary data, get connected to other families and organizations working on changing school discipline, and get more information about protecting your rights.

  • Toolkit for Community Members to Fix School Discipline [California Example]
    Fix School Discipline – a project of Public Counsel – is a comprehensive resource for school superintendents, principals, teachers, parents, students, community leaders, organizations, advocates, and anyone interested in learning how to eliminate harsh discipline practices that push students out of school, and instead enact solutions that work for all students.

  • My School My Rights [California Example], Comprehensive overview of students' rights in the state of California based on frequent student searches. Resource intended to inform students of their rights and prevent the push-out of students in California schools.