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Can school policing be reformed?

Resources about the efforts to reform school policing policies and practices, including sample policies

sample policies

Sample Policies

Harm Reduction School Board Policies on Bullying, Complaints, Data Tracking, Law Enforcement Contact, Racial Profiling, Search and Seizure, and Vandalism

Limiting Police Involvement in Low-Level Violations of the Code of Conduct

Prohibiting School Resource Officers from Questioning Students about Their Immigration Status

  • Tuscon (Arizona) Unified School District immigration anti-discrimination policy prohibits all employees, vendors, School Resource Officers acting under a contract with the district, volunteers, and visitors at schools or school-sponsored activities from investigating and enforcing actions relating to immigration status. See policy (amended 4/9/2019) and ACLU of Arizona  presentation (Handcuffs on Success)

Alternatives to Arrest - Diversion

  • Keeping Kids in School and Out of Court: Philadelphia Police School Diversion Program Multi-agency program provides an alternative to arrest. Program brochure, MOU and Program Evaluation

Arrest Protocols that Respect Students’ Rights and Dignity

  • San Francisco, California – Student arrests for non-school matters should not normally be made on campus. On-campus arrests should be done in a way that does not violate the student’s privacy.

Eliminating the Discriminatory Police Ticketing of Youth

Reforming Student Arrest Protocols

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