Illinois SB 100

Effective September 15, 2016, Illinois law: prohibits the charging of fines or encouraging a student to drop out as disciplinary academic or behavioral measures; requires officials to limit the number and duration of expulsions and suspensions to the greatest extent possible; prohibits school boards from instituting zero tolerance policies which mandate suspension or expulsion unless required by state or federal law; requires that exclusion decisions be made on a case-by-case basis; requires schools to provide a rationale for decisions about the length or suspensions or expulsions; requires that out-of-school suspensions longer than 3 days, expulsions, and disciplinary transfers to alternative schools be ordered only after other behavioral interventions have been attempted, except when the student poses a threat to the school community or disrupts the operation of a school; requires schools to create a policy on re-engagement of formerly excluded students; and clarifies that these policies also apply to charters. Read more.

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