Illinois Public Act 100-0105

Illinois law, public act 100-0105, prohibits the expulsion of preschool students from publicly funded schools. Effective January 2018. When challenging and persistent behaviors emerge, programs are required to pursue alternative interventions. They must document these efforts plus the involvement of parents or legal guardians. A child may be transitioned to a setting that is better suited to meet his or her need. In these situations, the parent or legal guardian must be a part of the process and approve of the transition plan. Transitions are not considered expulsions. Students may also be removed temporarily if they present a severe safety threat to themselves or their peers. State agencies must adopt rules prohibiting the use of expulsions for persistent and serious challenging behaviors in licensed day care centers, day care homes, and group day care homes that are licensed by the state, but receive no state funds. 

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Last updated December 21, 2020

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