Hawaii S.B. 2486

Requires the State Department of Education (“DOE”) to collect, analyze, and disclose important civil rights data relating to student discipline, the use of seclusion and restraint, school climate, and student achievement. This bill establishes a standardized data collection process for schools and complex areas to maintain records and report data to the department. The DOE must (1) Review the accuracy of data reported by schools and complex areas; (2) Coordinate with the state public charter school commission regarding the collection, analysis, and dissemination of this data from public charter schools; and (3) Analyze and publish the data collected. In addition, the DOE must annually review all data that has been collected pursuant to state and federal law and certify the accuracy of the data. This bill also enshrines in state law certain Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) reporting requirements relating to transgender students and discrimination affecting an entire protected class within schools or school systems, including race, gender, national origin, and English Language learner and disability. Effective September 15, 2020. Read more

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Last updated January 26, 2021

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