School Policing Summits

The ACLU of Pennsylvania has convened several day-long gatherings of Pennsylvania school district senior staff, school board members, and juvenile justice experts to discuss the role of police in our public schools. The summits provided school leaders with an opportunity to explore issues that are relevant to decisions they make about school policing and school climate.




Research on the Impact of School Policing - text and PDF

A report from school safety expert, Prof. Aaron Kupchik, on what the research shows about the impact of police in schools.


Police and Pennsylvania's Schools: What Education Leaders Need to Know

Report on the research on the impact of school policing, agreements between districts and police departments, alternatives to arrests, the collateral consequences of student contact with police, the impact on students with disabilities, and alternative approaches to discipline. 

Supporting Pennsylvania Students: The Choice

Fact sheet on school support staff levels and student arrests.

Q&A on School Discipline for Pennsylvania School Leaders

Common questions and answers regarding zero tolerance, racial disparities, and discipline.

Q&A on School Policing for Pennsylvania School Leaders

Common questions and answers regarding the role and impact of police in schools and student rights.


Students and the Justice System: Collateral Consequences

A memo describing the lasting negative impacts of police interactions with students.


Model Memorandum of Understanding

The model M.O.U. approved by the Pennsylvania State Board of Education with ACLU annotations.


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Police and Pennsylvania Schools Report C